Seeing Business Challenges Under A New Light

A manufacturing company

  • Strong performance across all our businesses in the fourth Quarter 2010
  • Increase in earnings of more than 40 percent over prior year quarter

75 percent of chief marketing officers polled at a leader summit agreed that the skills they needed are becoming so specialized that their organizations would have to operate quite differently in the future.

A sales organization

  • Potential Sales in the Pipeline increased 100%
  • Conversion Ratio substantially increased

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What Leaders Have to Say About Us:

"I can count on The Delta Group to do what they say they will do!"

- President, International Manufacturer of Plastic Components

The Difference We Make:

  • Help create durable competitive advantage with higher returns for less money and less risk...
  • Alignment across functions and all layers of business...
  • Improvement of the total customer experience...

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